2019 Islay

2018 Scotland North

2016 Kintyre Way

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2011 Kayaking Arisaig

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Here's a bottle and an honest friend. Robert Burns Glasgow. This is the start of a 5 day kayak trip on the West Coast of Scotland.

Train Spotting
Because my rucksack did not arrive in Glasgow (it was delivered the next day) we could use a chalet with this view.
Day one, day trip Arisaig.
Cheers Frans
Cheers Jos
beach comber
Inverie, diner time. locally fished Scallops.

The mystery of the hard cured sausage, solved after 18 years. 18 years ago we met Mr. McDonald a small crofter. We were sitting in front of the church, now a bunkhouse when he approached us. We had a little chat and gave him some hard cured sausage. "What's this, beef?" he asked. He quickly spitted it out and gave it to his border collie. Now we met a man at the same spot who knew this Mr. McDonald, he told us that he died 8 years ago. He also told us that McDonald had the habit of only putting his false teeth in when there were woman around. Since we were with only men at that time, there was no reason for him to do that, it was also the reason that he couldn’t eat our sausage.